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Apps that combine Basic Level 4 conversations in English are at Level 3. This is a more difficult and lengthy conversation. Level 3.2 and Level 1 Conversations are for people who are interested in learning English with dialogue. Basic from simple to rare, with such dialogue.

An Ice Cream Accident
A Pair of Magi-pants
Embarrassed to Be Seen
The School Dress Code
To Be Independent
An Artist's Dream
Lying About Being Rich
Getting Contact Lenses
The Hairstyle Change
Too Old for Trick-or-Treating
The Night Shift
A Wonderful Surprise
A Group of Friends
A Long Distance Relationship
Ruby's Role Model
Confidence Is Key
Not a Dancer
Being Too Superstitious
Irene's Secret and many more.

The English conversation app L.4 can help people who are interested in learning English improve their language skills with an easy-to-use app. There are more and more English conversations than any other app: there's an English voice chats in the online audio format. This will allow you to practice pronunciation with native speakers directly, making your English pronunciation.

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