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Love Calculator: Test your love

Got a crush? Thinking whether this could be real love? Leave no doubts in the air!

This Love Calculator is one that lets you know what your heart wishes to tell you always. A specially designed Love Calculator App that is fun and entertaining to use. This is for all the lonely hearts girls and guys out there, as we know you surely need a companion to soothe your mind and soul.

You could be sweethearts, or maybe a crush, or sometimes the other partner may not even know how much you are in love with them. Why burn this love fever within you? You do not have to wait until Valentines Day to understand the power of real love. Try this app now, as it will give instant answers to both of you.

This is not a dating app of any sort, but one that will help you identify your love partner through a real love test. We would like to remind you that this app is only for entertainment purposes and cannot be taken as the final word for any relationship. It shows how much you both are in love. If you and your partner are still having second thoughts, this love meter will do the job for you. It was created exclusively to improve relations and bring more fun and harmony among couples.

Whats unique about this?

Well, we give you a bit more of real information about your relationship. We check your love compatibility levels based on each of your zodiac signs. Now, how cool is that!!

How to Use the Love Calculator App:

Its easy with 3 simple steps:

Just enter the boys and girls names

Next, enter the gender accordingly.

The third step, enter each of your zodiac signs.

Now, cross your fingers and wait for the zodiac compatibility answer to pop up in a few minutes. Thats it!!!

Try it. It is so user-friendly!

Features of the Love Test

It is so easy to use. You can refer the How To Use App above.. Just 3 steps and the suspense is out! Plus, this can be easily downloaded!

You can try the same app multiple times, with different name combinations! (We all have our breakup sessions and a new crush always brings back those butterflies in your tummy!)

The App will check your zodiac compatibility and show how compatible both of you are with each other

You can share your love results on social media in Whatsapp, email, and Facebook.

The app should be used for entertainment purposes only and it is completely based on the input you have entered.

Also, your details are safe and will never be shown in public. Build sweet, loving relationships just by knowing how compatible your zodiac signs are with each other.

Find your Better Half

Love never seems to die. If one relationship sinks down, thats fine- because a better partner is waiting for you somewhere in this world. If you have recently met a person who matches your tastes and interests- give this App a try!

Think that this is an entertaining Calculator App? We are most delighted! Do enjoy finding out your perfect partner.

How can you make the world a happier place?

Give us a positive rating and great feedback!

Share and spread the word of this splendid Love App.

It surely will make the world and us happier!

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