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8 Pip Panda is a dice game similar to traditional Yacht (Yahtzee, Yatzy, Poker Dice, Generala) but instead uses 8 dice and each die has 8 faces with values from 1 to 8.

Roll the dice and try to get the highest score possible. You get 5 rolls each turn to try and score in various categories. You must select one category each turn. This is a solitaire game where you play against yourself to beat your previous high score.

I am a one-person developer and program for the Android in my spare time. So please be patient with me and be forgiving. I have tested this on many devices but cannot test it on all. If you encounter something that doesn't work, doesn't fit, or just looks wrong, please give me the opportunity to try and remedy it.

Email bugs or suggestions to eightpip@gmail.com or post something at 8 Pip's G+ Community, https://goo.gl/MnznGZ. Enclosing a screenshot of misfitting items or visual bugs would be greatly appreciated.

Visit www.eightpip.com for more information and instructions on How To Play.

Thank you for downloading and giving 8 Pip Panda a try.

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