Embroidery Design Pattern 2020-2021

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Embroidery Design Pattern
If we broadly classify the embroidery style, there are two types of embroidery designs. One is the simple hand embroidery patterns while other is the pattern crafted through a machine. The quality of both the embroidery patterns is quite good. These embroidery designs are drawn on dresses, bed sheets, kitchen cloths, TV covers and even mobile phone covers. Girls and women have a strong liking for the embroidered dresses.

You can get different video tutorials and images through which you can learn how to do embroidery on the fabric. Hand stitch embroidery patterns have a special look. They are not only beautiful but also involve a lot of effort which makes the crafted fabric special.

Best Embroidery Design Patterns for Beginners and Experts:
If you are a beginner, youll get good information about the types of embroidery stitches in this article. Even the experts can refresh their basic knowledge and learn from this article. The various types of beautiful stitches made from colorful woolen threads are as follows:
\tCross stitch
\tRunning stitch
\tFly stitch
\tSatin stitch
\tShort and long stitch
\tBlanket stitch
\tHerringbone stitch

The combination of these embroidery stitches is used to make a perfect pattern. The different patterns are as follows:

Border Embroidery Patterns:
The different border designs that you can make from embroidery threads are the daisy or floral patterns through running and French knot stitch. Zig zag, chain pattern and spirals are also drawn on the fabric.

Embroidery designs for dresses:
The patterns drawn on the dresses are a bit different. They are drawn on the neck, sleeves and shirt borders. The patterns include boxes, flowers, leaves, birds, peacocks and what not. Give it a try and youll love it! Browse the pattern gallery below for more pictures.

Embroidery Patterns for Household Covers:
The household covers like TV, computer screen, remote control, kitchen basket, teapot or any other item cover is designed with embroidery patterns as well. For the covers of kitchen items, you can look forward to embroidered pattern that includes teapot design, bread, basket, fruits and small flower designs. The mobile phone covers are crafted with latest and cool patterns like those of cute birds, animated cartoon, graphic style text or any border that the user wants.

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