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Car owners - your car works for you

If you dont use your car every day, Drive Drive Car is an easy, reliable way to reduce the costs of owning a car by renting it to a community of insured, trusted renters while you arent using it.

Your car is safe - we protect you and your vehicle with our Insurance Policy
You control your car - feel free to choose a target group of users who can rent your car
You determine the rental conditions - rent your car when you dont need it, use it when you do
You decide for rental price and additional services

Drivers - drive a car near you

Do you need a car for your vacation, business trip, or some other adventure? Just go to Drive Drive Car, find the ideal car and rent it! You can do this from your home, without having to go to rent-a-car companies.

It is much easier to rent a car online, without any additional costs, directly from the car owners.

Different car types - choose your ideal car and make your own rental conditions
Best prices - you can find a car according to your budget, without hidden fees
Cars are always insured and protected - but you can also add additional insurance options for the rental period

Test drive before you buy a car

Getting a test drive for a car lets you get a feel for the way the car works, if its size is suitable for you, and how easy it is to access the technology inside. In the short time youre in the car, you can look into the features that could determine if you will buy that car or not.

Drive Drive Car is the first peer-to-peer platform in the world that offers a special solution designed for manufacturers ie. dealers of new vehicles that have the opportunity to sell through the process of testing new vehicles.

Test a car for free or for a minimum price the owner set for the car
Get instructions and guides before you start driving the car
Professional support during the whole test drive period

Our mission is to show that it is not necessary to have a car to be an owner of a car. We believe that in the next 10 years, we will live in world without owned cars. Its strange but that will be true! We would like to be a part of the car mobility change in that strange world.
We are ready to influence new habits for the new generations!

Renting a car has never been easier!

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