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Drawing Project Engineering

- What is drawing?
Defining the concept is analogous to drawing a line between 'what is' and 'what is not'. Problems with concepts such as Drawing, and more generally Art, is that any time limits withdrawn, upon closer inspection it seems inadequate boundary. It was good not include something important, or else it included foreigners.
Drawing Machine project can be summarized as the investigation of the drawing using a specific methodology based system. The project has two objectives simultaneously: first to explore ideas about drawing, and the second to raise questions about the authority of reason and logic as a method of understanding. Drawing Project Engineering

This is not an investigation of any particular style of drawing, but only draw as the act of making marks on a surface; how the sign is made in relation to one another and, most importantly, what knowledge is required in order to create the brand. The investigation is centered around efforts to program the computer to draw a clear manner of man, not the digital stream or mechanistic. It is important that the program simulates human characteristics to draw because it is exactly the human quality draw that he had tried to understand. He believes only through comparison and contrast with the human image of his machine image reflects the inability of the system to capture the infinite detail of the world.

In 2011, the machine occupies the entire basement floor of the room Mindcraft in Milan. A showcase for the dialogue lasting between design and craft in Denmark, during the last two years Mindcraft been curated by Cecilie Manz who choose to focus the concept of the exhibition on quality, materiality and function - a statement, which, according to him, sums up the essence of Danish-ness in design. Drawing Machine presented itself as a device rather rough consisting of two wooden structures, each supporting a pendulum with the weight of the stone, moved by hand. Pendulum are connected to a ballpoint pen through the drawing arms; their movement is translated into a circular motion pen across the wide dissemination of the paper.

This was definitely the story of the function - handled the same way straight as can be. A cup or a chair can (should) be functional because we use it for specific tasks, but the machine was just about function. On defining the proportion of the device and adjust the weights, intelligent addiction side support frame for instant availability. About pushed the pendulum so that they will produce coordinated motion pictures. On the transmission of human effort to mechanisms for the pen. Apparently, the attitude towards the function derived from an interest in natural forces are galvanizing objects with dynamics and tension, and in various types of reproducing natural phenomena.

Drawing has always been an important part of his creative process this. While it was originally thought sculpture through detailed sketches - often including the right dimensions and notes fabrication - it also attracts the obsessive-picture. Amounted to more than 1, 500, this body of work points for his use of the media as a means of purification and explore ideas that sits at the heart of the entire artistic output. He also describes it as a good way to explore complex ideas without incurring the costs involved in the manufacture of new works.

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