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There are various types of ribbons that you can choose when making your ribbon craft. Ribbons can be made from various types of fabrics and appear in various styles. The type of ribbon that you use in making your ribbon will be worn on which application you use.

Satinat Satin Ribbon

This durable tape has a shiny and stiff layer. They can be present in solid colors or can have patterns printed on them. Acetate ribbons can be used for gift wrapping, arranging flowers and flower arrangements, and using weddings.

Soft ribbon

Thin ribbons made of woven fabrics that are very light and open like organza, organdy and chiffon. They are very diverse and appear in various colors and sizes. This ribbon can be used in crafting ribbons such as sewing, ordering scrap, making cards, gift wrapping and wedding necessities.

Satin ribbon

Soft and smooth, satin ribbons can be one face, with one glossy or double side facing both shiny sides. These ribbons are also very diverse and appear in various colors and sizes. Ribbon crafts with satin ribbons are usually used for clamping, order scrap, card making, embroidery, flower ribbons, hair accessories, and gift wrapping.

Velvet ribbon

To open the luxury of making your ribbon, you can't get past the velvet ribbon. It comes in rich colors and soft pastels. One side of plain ribbon and the other side, available fancy and solid ribbons provided feel luxurious. Velvet ribbons are great for sewing, meetings and wedding decorations.

Grosgrain ribbon

Grosgrain is a heavier ribbon with thinner embroidery. They are usually made of silk and appear in various colors. They are very durable and are usually used in scrap orders, card making, hair bows and sewing.

Jacquard Ribbon

Jacquard ribbons are often used to review ribbons with embroidery on them, but Jacquard ribbons are really woven in such a way that the design is really part of the fabric. Because of the way these bands are woven, there is the right side and the wrong side. They have a very interesting effect on ribbons which include sewing, home decor, scrap bookings and card making

Cable Ribbon

The cable at the edge of the ribbon helps them maintain their shape. This is very useful for making ribbons that require arcs.

Weak ribbon

Lightweight lightweight metal ribbons are available in various colors. Use this when you need a little sparkle on your project.

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