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In this day and age, the garbage dump becomes overloaded and anything we can do to help recycle makes a difference. One great way to recycle is to make homemade crafts using items you normally waste.

Before throwing something away, think to yourself: can this be used again in a craft project? Even if you do not intend to use it immediately, or if an idea does not immediately come to mind, keep it if you think it can be used again. Save a box of some recyclables with your handicraft inventory, so if you find a project, you'll already have the items you need.

Sure it is much easier to come up with a craft if you have some idea of what can be done. But always creative and try to create new ideas too! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Cleaned cans or cans of vegetables can be used for various handicrafts. If you fill it with water, and let them freeze in the freezer, you can punch a hole in the side of the tin using a hammer and nail (the ice inside makes the structure and keeps it from clinking). Holes can be punched to form designs. The outside of the can can be painted and if there is a tea light, they make a beautiful figure. These can be hung on the porch, lined up along the driveway for a party, or used inside the house as a beautiful decoration.

Empty toilet paper rolls and rolls of towel paper can be used for various craft projects, many suitable for children. Try making a pencil cup container by gluing three tubes of the toilet vertically, and stick them on a sturdy cardboard pad. The roll of blank paper rolls, when cut into parts one inch, can be made into napkin rings. Just paint them and glue on the decoration, like shell or other embellishments.

There are so many things you can do with the dayr 'material you can do at home with your children or your family. It would be nice if nanda can do it.

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