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The Stellar Galaxia application using augmented reality (AR) technology will take you to the virtual world, inviting you to interact with the researched objects on the screen of your phone or tablet. Designed for small and big explorers, eager to discover and open to new technologies. The fantastic world of augmented reality entertains and teaches in an innovative and attractive way!

Stellar Galaxia is a fascinating journey through the Solar System in AR technology. It is a combination of fun, games and education in the most modern edition. Thanks to AR cards with tags, you can explore the Solar System up-close, take a photo with your favorite objects, watch videos, play games and take part in the final quiz to collect your Space Superpowers Diploma.

AR technology is a system that connects the real and virtual world. When using the application, remember that the 3D graphics generated in real time overlay the camera image. Don't forget about the objects and obstacles that exist in your surroundings in the real world.

AR technology is increasingly used in education, games and other industries.

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The application includes:

* Explore
Using the AR card, you will be able to explore the objects of the Solar System up close and get closer to them at your fingertips. Each of the 12 cards has markers that allow you to explore in AR technology.

* Pictures
You can take a photo with each object and share it later with your friends.

* Watch the video
Thanks to the AR application and cards, you can see a videos with a detailed description of the object.

* Quizzes and games
Take part in short quizzes and games and check your knowledge.

* Final quiz
The last card will take you to the Final Quiz. Take part in it and get a Diploma of Space Superpowers.

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