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Japanese Vocabulary (N1~N5)

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Run this app named Japanese Vocabulary (N1~N5) or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Memorizing vocabulary is just SIMPLE!!! You can easily memorize them through playing spelling game similar to Scrabble.

This app contains all the vocab (approx. 10,000) you need in order to pass any JLPT exam among N1 to N5. It also support pronunciation of every word with awesome text style.

The MOST amazing thing is that all the app content are completely FREE!!! >__<
No extra costing is needed to unlock any features.

The vocabulary in this app are categorized according to the JLPT exam level and the Hiragana/Katakana row that they belong to. This will help to you to manage your progress of learning in a more flexible way.
Lets start memorizing Japanese vocabulary in a funny and comfortable environment with Japanese Vocabulary now.

Main functions:

- Cover approx. 10,000 Japanese Vocabulary for JLPT Level N1 N5

- Categorize vocab by JLPT level and the Hiragana/Katakana row that they belong to

- Offline pronunciation is supported (Pls. refer to the below remarks for better experience)

- Provide Scrabble like games for easy memorizing the vocabulary

- Awesome Hiragana / Katakana chart is included

- Completely FREE!!! No extra costing is needed to unlock any features.

Offline pronunciation remarks:

This app implements the Text-to-Speech API from native Google Android Core.

For better experience, you are advised to use Google Text-To-Speech as the speech engine, although other third-party speech engine are also supported (e.g. Samsung, Pico, ).

To enable Google Text-To-Speech function, Go to

-> Setting -> Language & input -> under Speech Tab, click Text-to-speech output -> Choose Google Text-to-speech Engine

* This application is suitable for people from all background JPLT levels.

Please feedback to me if you find any questions from this app or you want to give suggestions to me for improving the app.

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