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"Daisy Crazy Chain" is a simple fun game. Collect Daisies to make Daisy Chains.

-The Legend of The Midnight-Raindow-

Long, long time ago, when the Moon was not thirsty for water.
Gathering Daisies, for Daisy-Chain-Making, was not a hard order.

But as the Sun got bigger, and so the Moon got smaller,
the Daisies still grew, but thinner and not much taller.

The Moon promised the Daisies a better home, with wetter turf.
With an all mighty spin, threw their seeds down to Earth.

The Sun shines on the Moon, to give us its light.
Fear not Moon, for the Sun will make things right.

"I will bring in Cotton-Candy-Clouds", said the Sun.
"...and in Honey-Dew-Rain, the Bees will have fun".

"For every five Daisies, the busy Bees discover,
The Midnight-Rainbow will glow, from under cloud cover".

Humble white Daisies are often looked over.
But no more, once painted with hues in fields of clover.

Daisy-Chains are not to bind, they are there to free All-Kind.

-Game Play-
Collect Daisies to make a Daisy-Chain as long you can, without breaking the Daisy-Chain.

Each Daisy will be added to the end of your Daisy-Chain.

Avoid running into your Daisy-Chain, as this will break your Daisy-Chain, and the Game will end.

Simply navigate our hero, ('Toobee', the Daisy Crazy Bee) Left or Right or Up or Down, to the nearest Daisy,
using the two large Daisy-Buttons on either end.

Pause the Game anytime with the middle Daisy-Button, where you can Resume or Exit the Game.

Every five Daisies Toobee collects unlocks another Hue of Daises.

There are ten Hues in total, with the tenth being a Special Daisy.

Fifty Daisies will unlock the Special Daisy, which will also allow the other Hues to appear in random order instead to the predictive default order.

-LIITE Version-
Contains Advertisements
Cannot Save Scores Locally to your device
Cannot Login to Google Play Services with your Google account
Cannot Save Preferences Locally to your device
Must have Internet Access

-FULL Version-
No Advertisements
Save Scores Locally to your device
Login to Google Play Services with your Google account
Save Preferences Locally to your device
Internet Access not required for saving locally to your device

Please Consider Purchasing FULL-Version available on Google Play Store, to help support further development.

Rating and Commenting on the Game is welcomed, because without feedback, improvements are not really improvements.

Thank you.
Please Enjoy

DID Coder 2015

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