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-Works in Online/Offline mode to change wallpapers corresponding days.
Ex: Friday - Maa Santoshi, Maa Vaibhaw Lakshmi etc.
Daily god wallpaper is collections of all Indian god images.
By setting Hindu god images on your screen you will get blessings of your favourite god daily.
As hindu gods are having their particular day of week for worship like monday for lord Shiv, tuesday for lord
Hanuman,wednesday for lord Ganesha ,thursday for lord Vishnu, friday for : maa Laxmi , maa Santoshi, maa Vaibhav Laxmi,
Saturday for lord Shani Dev, Sunday for lord Surya.

You can set images of all wallpapers on your screen on daily basis.
By selecting the day on hd wallpaper gallery you will get that day worship god shows on your screen like you select monday then lord mahadev wallpaper shows on your screen. After getting your favourite god you set that god images on your phone screen.

when you are attending meetings, seminars, examinations any different work and you need to get your god with you then
just open your daily god wallpaper and get your god blessings with you.
Follow your rituals with remembering your god ad goddess images in your mind.
Today, a single thing is not free, but this app is free for everyone , set your get blessings
of god through setting images of favourite god and goddess images on your screen,
and enjoy free daily god wallpaper everyday.
So, get blessings of god daily and give chance to get blessings of god to your family , friend, relatives, your good ones by sharing daily god wallpaper free.

Available Wallpapers of god-
- Hanuman
- Rama
- Krishna
- Shiva
- Saraswati
- Ganesha
- Lakshmi
- Kali
- Vishnu
- Durga
- Kubera
- Brahma
- Ayyappa
- Ganga
- Indra

- Lord Shiva hd Wallpapers
- Lord Krishna hd Wallpapers
- Lord Sai baba Wallpapers
- Lord Balaji hd Wallpapers
- Lord Hanuman Wallpapers
- laxmi devi hd wallpaper

1. Easy to get day wise daily god wallpapers.
2. collection of all hindu god in this religious wallpapers.
3. Blessings of god is easy to get from hd wallpaper gallery.\t
4. If you don't have time to go temple to worship your hindu gods, then have your temple with god blessing without time limits.

5. God and goddess are always with you with this god wallpaper.
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God Wallpaper is the best app for who believe in god in this application all god wallpaper give so you can select the image which you want to lock and set every day different image
God WallPaper,Shivay Wallpaper,Radha Krishna Wallpaper,God Hd Wallpaper,Shiva Wallpaper
-more than 15 different good wallpapers in this application and there are so many different wallpapers of a particular god so download and enjoy free
God WallPaper,Shivay Wallpaper,Radha Krishna Wallpaper,God Hd Wallpaper,Shiva Wallpaper

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*Functionality in Daily God Wallpaper
-share wallpaper
-set wallpaper
-save offline
-access without internet

Daily god wallpaper is important for everyone so that they are not far from god blessings.
So, please give a try to Daily God Wallpaper.

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