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How to be happy.

What makes you happy? Happiness has a different meaning to each of us. What makes one person happy may not make another happy. Some will be happy with a big house or car or money but ultimately, happiness does not come from these. It comes from within, it comes from the choice of being happy.

This course will help you learn the simple ways to be happy and enjoy life regardless of circumstances, the many factors that determines happiness like your actions, attitude and discover the quality of your relationships with family friends influence how happy you are. How you can also make changes in your life that promotes happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind. It doesn't cost anything. Like many good things in life, it's free. However, it cannot be taken for granted. If we are unable to find happiness, we have to pause and think. We have to identify the factors which contribute to or come in the way of our happiness.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to ensure that you realize how wonderful your life really is. Studies have shown that gratitude journals increase your happiness.

Since the beginning of the human civilization, man has also been trying to develop new technologies, make new tools and improve his lifestyle for the sole purpose of attaining happiness. However, in its race of scientific endeavor and pursuit of money and luxuries, man is hardly aware of what exactly constitutes.

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