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Although impressed outdated, there are still people need business cards to run their business or business. Important people in large corporations that are due to age or busyness, keep them away from the internet, for example, are still excited to ask for business cards for the benefit of the business. In addition, business cards are also very useful for you who are enterprising-giatnya begin to capture the connection. For that there is no harm in knowing more, what the functions and benefits of business cards.
The following Business Card Functions and Functions:
Name card function
for some people have felt less useful, because they feel already represented by the Mobile. Moreover, the trend now with the Smartphone is increasingly affordable and memasyarakat, so that in exchanging phone numbers, email address, Pin BB, even a direct business location easily found with Google Maps.
The Meaning of Business Cards
Name cards can be considered important when we will highlight the profile of ourselves or our work that sometimes can not be presented in detail through a Mobile, Smartphone or Blackberry. Also when we face time constraints in meeting even if we suddenly meet on the road with someone we consider important or prospective, then this Cartoonama will be the most practical tool in a split second without having to record or punch the Mobile button.
With Kartunama, it will also create a good impression or professional confidence than just mentioning the number of phone numbers. (It's sometimes we're wrong so we can not get in touch or sometimes it's wrong, and it will also avoid spelling out a contact name or a colleague we just met.)
Business Cards for a businessman, whether the owner or employees especially marketing is very important, for that almost all business professionals must have Kartunama. In fact, usually there are some who have several types of card design and some types of business cards based on its function. But the Name Card is not only used by businessmen but also for all people even housewives need it when it must donate wedding events, circumcision or when the dull neighbor sick, just enter the cartoon in the envelope with the money the love strap.
The function of business cards can also be as an effective means of promotion for companies or individual service businesses, to remind the services and messages we convey to prospective customers.
Use of Business Cards
As an identifier / profile of the person or company, the things listed in the Cartelama at least provide some initial information in the form of business name and logo, person's name, address, phone, e-mail, website and product / service.
Cartoon Design must be in accordance with the character of the business / person who is represented, in this case the individual or company so as to improve the professional image. For that reason, Kartunama must show who owns it and provide information about everything the owner can do and also services that can be provided in the future.
In the world of business or the world of work, Kartunama is the most appropriate, effective and efficient way to assemble and contain various information about business or business on a small sheet of paper with thicknesses ranging from 190gr - 260gr and in Indonesia the standard size of Cartesama is 54mm x 89mm.
That's some of the functions and benefits of business cards, there are several design business cards that we can have according to their individual tastes. To have a business card can be designed in several advertising companies in the cities closest to you. For the city of Medan for example, we can order various types of business cards and its designs in the advertising company Medan Creohouse. Creohouse is a Medan advertising service that has experienced in designing various business cards for your business and business needs

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