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PayDay! TimeClock is a time tracking app (time management system) developed by PayrollServe. The app is designed to help all businesses manage employee attendance easily anytime from anywhere, enhance productivity and stay in control.

Employees can:
- Clock in and clock out using common device in office or individual device at remote location
- Capture photo and GPS location automatically. Face detection and QR code reader are integrated in the app for employees' ease of use
- View their clocking history (via calendar or history list)

PayDay! TimeClock is available to all users who signed up for PayDay! TimeClock system. Contact us at info@payrollserve.com.sg or call our hotline +65 6336 0600 to know more about the system.

Who Benefits from PayDay! TimeClock?

- Enable a mobile workforce. Clock in and clock out anytime from anywhere
- No more paper time cards or payslip surprises

***Managers & Supervisors***
- Employee scheduling and attendance management made easy
- No more time wasting for data consolidation

***Payroll & HR***
- Payroll data can be transferred seamlessly to payroll system
- HR management made easy with useful information found on dashboard and reports

***Business owners / CEO***
- Stay in control with the latest workforce information easily found on dashboard
- Reports generated at a few clicks in your preferred formats (PDF or Excel)
- PayrollServe Web SitePayDay! TimeClock (employee) Support

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