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This browsing application provide end to end encryption for their privacy and also providing anonymity and privacy by hiding where your internet traffic is ruining where it starts from but user must protect their traffic by using encryption with this Darkweb Secure Browser Appplication.
Explore your private browsing securely without any scared of tracking, surveillance by this Secure browser application.
This browser application is based on user may freely use for their privacy and freedom without any complications.

Address bar:
Smart address, title and search bar combined. You can put it at the top or at the bottom of your screen depending of your screen orientation.
Import, export, group them in folders and organize your bookmarks using drag and drop. Backup and restore your bookmarks directly from any Cloud services.
Review the pages you visited. Clear it any time you want.
Force dark mode:
For your late night reading sessions you can force any web page to display in dark mode.
Tool bar and status bar color theme integrates gracefully with your favorite web sites. Supports black, dark and light themes.
Ad blocker:
Use built-in ad blocker definitions or feed it local and online hosts files.
Incognito mode. Can discard tracking cookies. Clear tabs, history, cookies and caches functionalities. Third-party apps management.
Multiple search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, StartPage, DuckDuckGo, etc.). Find text in page. Google search suggestion.
Lots of settings options to fine tune your browser to your liking. That includes configuration settings specific to your screen orientation.

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