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"The daralliancehcp app aims at providing physicians treating patient with Diabetes while fasting the holy month of Ramadan with valuable and relevant information. The DAR Alliance has created this Academy including various sections such as a library of resources that has the latest guidelines on the subject as well as other materials, an auditorium where physicians can watch recorded videos and live webinars, and ability to send questions and receive answers from experts in the topic worldwide"

"DAR alliance is an international alliance of medical experts in the field of Diabetes and endocrinology. The main focus of this group of experts is Diabetes and Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims around the world. It was identified that navigating fasting during Ramadan might pose some challenges to patients due to change of meal time, meal types, medication dosages, and sleep patterns. Therefore, the need to properly educate healthcare professionals about this important topic has emerged. The DAR Alliance has therefore created this platform of resources to reach out to as many stakeholders around the world as possible and in different languages.

The platform and the app provide the registered healthcare professionals with valuable resources and tools. Among these tools are the following:
- Library: a library of resources including guidelines created by the group about Diabetes and Ramadan.
- Auditorium: Recorded videos that contain advices to the public about the topic, recorded by experts in the field. In addition to educational webcasts for healthcare professionals

- Live webinars: to broadcast live lectures to registered healthcare professionals.

- Experts corridor: where participants can ask various experts important questions and receive answers by email.

- My locker: to keep all favorites in one place for quick access.
The app will provide notifications to registered users once new resources are added and will serve as a key component of the overall digital environment of DAR alliance to facilitate reaching healthcare professionals around the world."

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