Tile Tap: Are you fast enough?

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The objective for this fun free game is simple:

There will be one red tile, and many other colored tiles. The red tile moves around randomly, until the twenty second timer runs out. You are racing time. If you accidentally hit a tile that isn't red...YOU LOSE! There are three levels, ranging from lowest to highest difficulty, and you must get a good score in the previous level to unlock the next. Time to bump it up a notch: IF you get an outstanding score in Level Three...you can earn a RARE TROPHY...but, you must score at least 50 points in the hardest level (which is hard!)...Can you handle it?

The cool thing is, Tile Tap is self paced. Meaning, that you can tap as fast or slow as you want, and the red tile will move based on your speed. So, if you are a fast-paced rock-star, and you're tapping at 4000 tiles per second, the red tile will move randomly at 4000 tiles per second.

Because Tile Tap is self paced, the arcade-like family game is applicable for ALL ages. Babies, toddlers, little kids, tweens, pre-teens, teens, young-adults, adults, and old people can all enjoy the amazing fun of Tile Tap.

But wait...there's a surprise...IF you unlock level three, AND get a score of 50 or more, you have the chance to win a trophy! It is a huge accomplishment to win this, and so Tile Tap gives you easy share functionality to share you're win with your friends through all kinds of social media. Here are a few sources you can use to share your score and trophy:

Messaging (texting/chat)
Gmail (Any email)
Text Link
Notes (memos)
Google +

(You can actually share anywhere, just take a screenshot of the trophy certificate that gets displayed whenever you earn the trophy)

Very few people have ever gotten the trophy, because it takes lots of practice and preparation to get. If you do get the trophy, then you are a true Tile Tapping master ninja!

Tile Tap was built with the user in mind. It has a beautiful UI (user-interface) with outstanding buttons and backgrounds. Not only is it extremely user friendly, but it has a clean interface, meaning it is easier to use and play! Get rid of the clutter and stress in your life by playing the game that adapts to the user's speed.

Tile tap lets you be a rock star! Let your inner musician come out in this clean game meant for all ages. Now, when you race against time by clicking on the red tiles as fast as you can, you are also making music. See what music you can create! Tap at different speeds and rates if you want to make your own piano music, as the sounds play randomly! Every time you tap, an amazing world of music exits out of your phone and into your ear! Don't want to race against time? Did you already beat the levels? Then just relax and have fun with your inner musical talent!

As you navigate through your mysterious journey tapping tiles here and there, make sure to look at the calendar and clock every once in a while, because Tile Tap is a game that makes you lose your sense of time. Embrace your inner tile-tapper. Once you realize your potential, the extra rare trophy will be yours in no time. It may seem near impossible, but as you tap your way through and enjoy the musical happiness, you will get the trophy.

Tile tap has a clean, easy-to-use UI, with beautiful animations, and a great user experience! Be sure to review Tile Tap on the play store if you like it!
A message from the tile-tap ninja, who has earned the tile tap trophy before:

"As you play, embrace the music and rhythm, letting your thumbs go free with a mind of their own. And as you play, imagine the trophy you could earn. Keep your eyes on the prize my friend, keep your eyes on the prize."

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