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This application has objective of facilitating and making possible the calculation of uniform series payments for any type of user. These series must be of installments of fixed value with interest and without entry.
In each calculation option, the user must provide some known values for the application, to calculate the desired value.
With this application you can calculate:

- The Present Value, initial value or interest-free amount of a certain payments series.

- The Amount generated by the accumulation of payment installments applied to a interest rate.

- The Value of Payment Installments of a payment series according to the present value, the interest rate and number of installments.

- The quantity of Payments Installments.

- The Interest Rate of a payment series.

- The Interest Amount paid referring to the interest rate of the payment series.

At the end of the main menu, in Help / Informations button, the application shows an guide that explains each of the calculation options.

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