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Coryvo is the ultimate resource for improving your rhythm sight reading and vocabulary.

Coryvo's algorithms create completely randomised rhythms for you to read, based on your subject of choice. This allows you to take your rhythm sight reading to the next level by practicing new rhythms every session.

The built-in playback feature makes playing and practicing your rhythm sight reading easier than ever. A live animated cursor follows the notes as you play, which helps in establishing a good sense of rhythm and improves your sight reading skills. A built-in metronome click and be turned on and off.

Designed and developed by professional musicians, Coryvo offers a progressive learning curve for everyone - from beginners to professional players. With more than 100 presets to choose from, you can start you practice with easier rhythms such as quarter notes and eighth notes and work your way up to different permutations of sixteenth notes and eighth note triplets.

Coryvo also features presets for more complex rhythms, such as quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets, 32nd notes, a wide variety of odd time signatures and almost every combination of polyrhythms.

The Custom Score feature allows you to create your own rhythms by choosing your own parameters for your score. This gives you more control over the rhythm in the score and allows you to practice specific rhythmic ideas and phrases that you find more difficult.

Whether you are playing the guitar, piano, bass or drum kit - Coryvo is the ultimate tool for improving your rhythm sight reading.

- 100% compatible with Android, both mobile phones and tablets
- More than 100 ready-to-go rhythm presets for every possible rhythm combination
- Presets include 16th notes, 8th note triplets, odd subdivisions, odd time signatures, polyrhythms and the mighty Scores of Doom!
- Playback features different samples, a live cursor, looping sections and a metronome
- Clean graphic design enables effective sight reading practice

With Coryvo, you will never again play the same score twice.
Enjoy your practice!

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