Aliens Took Mittens-Puzzle RPG

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Adventure across the galaxy with me, Gif the space dog (you can just call me Jif), creating matches to combat monsters and save my precious cat Mittens!

Fight alien monsters in an action RPG space adventure thats better than bacon! Match 3 or more puzzle pieces to battle aliens, blast meteorites, activate your shield, and gather energy. Quest through space on an adventure thatll take you to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and beyond!

Collect energy to unleash special attacks and upgrade your ship.

No time to call in sick or say a tearful goodbye to your loved ones The battle begins today! Are you ready to take on the biggest baddies in the galaxy?

Aliens Took Mittens is a hilarious adventure thats unlike anything youve played before! Probably. I dont know, Im a dog!

Aliens Took Mittens Features:

Adventure Puzzle Games!
Space adventure time! Quest through the galaxy and discover new solar systems with mans best friend (thats me!)
Discover uncharted systems and all the forbidden wonders they hide (Chocolate?! Is it chocolate?!)

Match Puzzle Pieces to Attack, Defend & Upgrade!
Match 3 or more puzzle pieces to blast enemies, fire lasers, activate your shield and gather energy in an exciting alien shooter/puzzle hybrid
Puzzle games in Aliens Took Mittens are totally unique! Drag icons around and shift the entire board

Fight Alien Monsters!
Battle huge boss monsters, and their smaller cousins, each with unique abilities
Combat monsters with special Modules like Rocket Barrage, Black Hole and Side Drones

RPG Upgrades & Action!
Is your bark bigger than your bite? Upgrade your ship with new armor, weapons, and Modules to become the big dog on the block! The... space block...

Fight back with increased firepower! Like I always say, dont get angry Get even!

Quest with Gif on an action packed space adventure unlike any other! Match puzzle pieces to battle alien monsters and see the story through to the end I hope its a happy one! With peanut butter. And belly scratches...

...Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah! Download Aliens Took Mittens today for free!

Good boy! (Or is that what you are supposed to say to me?)

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