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Anime Manga Face Changer the best camera app for otaku and anime fans.

Simulator to create photo of you and turn yourself in Anime manga character like - Anime Face, 0ne Peace face and friends, Sharingan Uchiha, Emoticon and power Sticker And Many other face changer.
anime yourself with anime box : convert en anime, You can select and add anime face and manga stickers and add it to your photo with Anime Face Maker, Anime superpower, anime face swap and AURA efect, Manga eyesbrows, anime girls, hair style, hair color, skin color, mood, Manga stickers and much more
pixtures that change to anime : Fun and Free Sprite Effect Stickers Anime Face Swap sprite beam, createshake manga, Kamehameha in manga, anime girl, Aura Effect, smoke effect and other effect funny pictures fast

Features of " anime Camera Face Changer" :

- Become your favorite Anime character
- Take selfie with anime character, manga character
- Add anime stickers, filters and anime face swap
- Insta and snap filters, instasquare stickers
- loads of WINGS effect
- loads of AURA effect which make you like a super saiyan
- loads of energy ball like rasengan, chidori, hadoken and fire fist
- loads of filter (rainy, snow rain, sands storm, meteor rain and etc
- Choose your favourite ninja mask, sharingan eye,ninja weapon,cosplay hairstyle,rasengan and much more
- Change face and add special effects and photo filters!
- Photo booth effects: superpowers, guns, swords, emoji, meme, troll face, dragon, cartoon and anime

Create amazing Secret Jutsu Rasengan Power photos like sasuke uchiha or kakashi Hatake with this app, add your favourite rasengan, chidori energy, rasengan shuriken, insta text, InstaSquare and stickers, filters.... Drag it to your favourite photos, share with your friends.

You can add many anime power example: " sasuke uhiha", " sakura" , "sasuke uchiha vs uzumaki", "sharingan eye rasingan rinnegan" " itachi uchiha brother of sasuke uchiha " hinata vs sakura" "kakashi seisnei" "madara uchiha " obito uchiha" "one punch" " Anime face changer" " boruto new anime" " itachi wallpapers" "anime face swap" " shinobi" "

In terms of the large number of wonderful face and ease in dealing with faces

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