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Business is a proactive economic activity, carried out at the expense of own or borrowed funds at its own risk and under its own responsibility, setting income and development of its own business as its main objectives.

Contents of the manual:

- Business as an economic category
- Small and large business
- Venture business
- Venture financing
- Franchise
- Business reputation
- Business areas
- Outsourcing
- Commercial espionage
- Computer security
- trade secrets and confidential information

The economic relations in which individuals enter into business are so complex and multifaceted that they do not allow a clear definition of the boundaries of this activity. Therefore, entrepreneurial activity is defined as a legal concept.

Business is always a legally defined type of human activity that can be carried out only within the framework of one of the forms of economic management established by law.

Business can be carried out in three main forms:
individual or private entrepreneurship;
corporations (joint stock company).
Individual entrepreneurship is a business that is owned by one person. The owner of an individual business simultaneously performs the functions of a manager. This is the most common form of business, characteristic of small shops, service enterprises, farms, professional activities of lawyers, doctors, etc.

Partnership is a business owned by two or more people. The advantages of partnership is that it is easy to organize; the association of partners allows you to attract additional funds and new ideas. The disadvantages include:

limited financial resources;
ambiguous understanding of the objectives of the partnership activities of its members;
the difficulty of determining the share of each participant in the income and loss of the partnership, in the section of the property acquired together.

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