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I am an empath and I am able to help others find peace of mind, I have been reading for family and friends for 15 years. I am able to connect with guides that want to talk to you. I have been blessed with my grandmother who has always shown me the path of my ancestors! I am honest and will tell you the truth. I cannot tell someone something they want to hear. The choice of your path is always yours to live! I follow the path of Light and serve the Light.. I do not give out spells but I can offer crystal guidance and cleansing to you!
keen.com / corner of light Ext. 0523256 Come and Be Blessed in My Corner of Light! Other services are available for you.. as well as my group page Angels Among Us.. please scroll down and take a look!
I am blessed to connect with the spiritual guides at a young age , I am able to connect with your guides to help you on your journey! The guides tell me the messages from the light and the choice is always yours to choose! I believe in being honest. I read energy that surrounds you.. sometimes the energy is not there for me read.. and that is because it was not meant for me to read for you.. the guides only allow to read the messages that are given to me.. and sometimes they choose not reveal themselves and that does not mean that there isn't a message for you!! Clarity, peace of mind.. and a honest reading is what I can give. When I cannot pick up that energy.. again it wasn't meant for me to reveal at that
particular moment, and it will reveal itself in time!! Be Blessed in Love and In Light!
Angels Among Us.. Come into my Corner and be guided by very gifted Empaths, Tarot Readers, Angel Card Readers and Many more gifted Advisors! Let us guide you on your journey! Many Blessings, Corner of Light http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?TID=NDdGQTk3 EMAIL READINGS ARE AVAILABLE

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