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Capture Proof of Delivery signatures and upload them to your document management system

Addressing the need for Proof Of Delivery efficiency
* Three steps to Mobile signature capture and storage. Scan, Capture, Upload.
* Reduce the cost of delivery.
* Scalable and cost effective.

Cuts the cost associated with document processing.
Cobwebb Mobile POD (Proof Of Delivery) is a customer driven solution for cost effective proof of delivery using the latest available hardware and software advances. Cobwebb Mobile POD delivers an Industry strength APP for teams in the field wanting to quickly capture proof of delivery and upload it to the back office. Cobwebb Mobile POD integrates seamlessly into Cobwebb Document Management System.

Roll Out
This app allows your transport fleet to focus on delivering product while it takes care of the paper work. By storing the critical receipt sign off and associated key data, the driver can then focus on the next delivery on the route. Once he has completed the drops he then can automatically upload the data to the Archive to link up to the Delivery Notes, completing the receipt of delivery. There are numerous benefits when linking the Flexible Cobwebb Mobile POD solution to Cobwebb Docstore. The Customer Service team back at the office can search/view the captured data, respond to enquiries and fulfil that all important after sales service that keeps the customers coming back for more.

Cobwebb Mobile POD resides on any Android Device with Camera, touch screen and WIFI.
The simple steps to Mobile Proof of Delivery:
1. Scan barcode.
2. Capture signature and signees name.
3. Upload POD to Cobwebb Document Management

Regardless of the size of your fleet or organisation, Cobwebb Mobile POD can be scaled for easy roll out delivering a rapid return on investment. Licensing is based on handsets and plans can be scaled to suite your needs. We can also provide additional functionality with a solution based roll out, such as Customer Delivery Enquiry portals for tracking the delivery of an order.

The bottom line
All of our products are developed with Business efficiency improvements and cost saving at the core of the solution. Cobwebb Mobile POD positively affects the bottom line, while delivering measurable enhancements in delivery processing and customer service.

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