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five minute stories contains

Two Calls
A New Year Song\t
New Year
A Lesson Song
The Rubber Baby\t
The Red, White and Blue\t
Tottys Christmas
A Certain Boy
The New Sister
Buttercup Gold
One Afternoon
The Stove
Johns Sister
New Year Song
What Was Her Name
A Lesson Song
The Patient Cat
By the Fading Light
Tobogganing Song
Song of the Til
The Lazy Robin
The Boys Manners
Merry Christmas
In the Tunnel\t
Practising Song
Queen Elizabeths Dance
A Storming Party
At the Little Boys Home
Then and Now
Pleasant Walk
A Great Day\t
A Pastoral
The Best of All
A Study Hour
The Young Ladies
The Weathercock
A Happy Morning\t
Lilies and Cat-Tails
The Metals\t
The Howlery Growlery Room
The Speckled Hen
The Money Shop\t
A Long Afternoon
The Jacket
The Fireworks
Nancys Nightmare
Amys Valentine
Once Upon a Time\t
The Pathetic Ballad of Clarinthia Jane Louisa
A Day in the Country
Goosey Lucy\t
Goosey Lucys New Years Calls
Three Little Birds\t
The Quacky Duck\t
New Year Thoughts
The Singular Chicken\t
The Clever Parson\t
The Purple Fish\t
Mr. Somebody
A Christmas Ride\t
A Funny Fellow\t
April and the Children\t
The Snowball\t
A Great Fight\t
Merry Christmas\t
The Little Dog with the Green Tail\t
Hard Times\t
On the Steeple\t
Naughty Billy\t
A Lad
Saint Valentines House\t
The Gentleman\t
A Leap Year Boy\t
King Pippin\t
The Story of the Crimson Crab\t
Mothers Riddle\t
King John\t
The Spotty Cow
The Button Pie
The Inquisitive Ducks
Queen Matilda
The Two-Shoes Chair
Ethelred the Unready\t
Poor Bonny
The Husking of the Corn
The Clever Cheese-Maker\t
The Spelling Lesson
The Person who Did Not Like Cats

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