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Customers who use live chat on your website are worth 4.5X more, but most will bail within two minutes.

TextChat shifts communication from a browser to a text message so that conversations last longer, sales go up and customers come back.

CityGro TextChat helps brands improve their customer communication through:

* Flexible, dependable messaging that is read 98% of the time
* Automated responses for the most frequent questions
* "Snooze" functionality to aid follow-up
* A simple, effective automated text marketing opt-in process
* Clear, helpful conversation analytics to improve processes

Sign up at: https://citygro.com/textchat/

No more dropped chats

Traditional live chat leaves users shackled to their browser, growing more impatient by the second. TextChat lets visitors go on with their lives, transferring the chat from the browser to their phone.

Build a marketing list

Once the conversation is complete, take TextChat to the next level by using it as a marketing tool. Text messages have one of the highest ROIs of any marketing platform available!

Cut the cord

Many small business owners cant sit by the computer, waiting for chats to come in. With TextChat, the power to respond moves with you as you help customers, stock shelves and ship orders.

Revenue goes up!

Website visitors that engage with live chat are worth 4.5X more than those that dont. Why would you want to let even one of them get away? Get potential customers the right answers in the right way and close more sales.

TextChat App

The TextChat app gives you freedom to go about your day, knowing that you wont miss out on valuable conversations when you leave your computer behind to, you know, run a business.


Set up Auto-Replies to automate responses to frequently asked questions, or provide a predetermined response based on the time of day or day of the week that the customer writes in.

Text Marketing

Set up simple automations to ask customers if theyd like to receive updates and promotions from your business. Those who do will be automatically placed on your text marketing list.


Want to clean out the inbox but worried about following up with customers? The TextChat Snooze feature allows you to temporarily archive conversations until you want to follow up with them again. Its essential to having a clean inbox.


The Analytics Dashboard helps you manage your conversations and provides insights like your average first response time, average conversations per day and how many contacts accept marketing messages.

Other benefits:

* After-hours responses
* Saved quick-replies
* Automated review generation
* "Send Later" functionality (coming soon)

*Free*: Up to 50 conversations per month
*$35/month*: 51-200 conversations
*$75/month*: 201-1000 conversations
*Custom*: 1001+ conversations

For more info, and to sign up, visit:

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