Gyroscopic Elevated Transport Bus: Rescue Driving

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Futuristic Gyroscopic elevated transport bus is the future of public transportation in urban city rush. Step into the high tech transit bus as real driver and guide it through city routes transporting office professionals, citizens and tourists. This guided bus straddles above road traffic and transport passengers within city destinations. Get inside gyroscopic transport bus control room to maneuver gigantic vehicle. Pull race lever with full throttle for fast city futuristic transport bus driving simulator. Gyroscopic futuristic transport bus is powered by electricity so no need to refuel from gas stations. This futuristic gyroscopic transit transport bus drives 10 feet above ground level so that city traffic flows beneath it without collisions. To become a real bus driver follow traffic rules and stop at red light to avoid car accidents. Gyroscopic elevated transport bus is carry up to 100 passengers at one time. Your traffic skills of driving this big coach will be tested while playing this game. This is the most modern form of the transit bus driving simulator. A heavy traffic is induced in this game and to make it even more fun and thrilling experience, city futuristic bus is enabled to pass over the vehicles as the traffic gets jammed.

Get a real driving challenge with your fast and furious driving skills and compete the entire traffic rivals with your engine and crazy driving. Best future innovation in fast paced world which makes you an expert driver around huge traffic. This futuristic gyroscopic bus service has a fixed route and track, and its passengers compartment widths the width of two traffic lanes. You can ride on this bus like a double decker bus above the traffic. Elevating bus driver needs expert skills passed by special bus driving simulator academy. Pick & drop passengers on board to transit bus stops. Gyroscopic elevated transport bus transit bus simulator is the unique game regarding its design and the way city traffic is controlled. Heavy traffic is not a kids job to handle, so to tackle this gyroscopic transit bus transport was introduced. Enjoy different model of the bus and get it on the road. Everything else is like a normal bus except this comes with a tunnel like shape. Superfast driving help the more figure of passengers to travel around in the city.

Drive well without crashing into building and unlock real bus driver status from driving school. Better than any coach school bus or double decker bus, we bring you the futuristic gyroscopic elevated transport bus. Looks like bullet train but moves in the middle of suburban town. This futuristic bus is the ultimate solution to heavy city traffic. Enjoy first ever realistic futuristic gyroscopic transport bus driving simulator 3d game to pick & drop passengers on fixed routes. Futuristic gyroscopic transit bus simulator is the ultimate solution to travel with heavy city traffic. The city futuristic bus driving simulator will provide you different routes with amazing environments in different levels. Enjoy different levels and have ride on city futuristic bus to overcome the problem of traffic jams.

Gyroscopic Elevated Transport Bus: Rescue Driving Game Features:

\tReal driver job of transporting passengers & tourists at multiple stations
\tGyroscopic electrically controlled bus driving simulator technology
\tFull throttle sidebar lever to accelerate bus
\tExciting gameplay in transit bus driving missions
\tUnlock multiple buses & levels in futuristic bus drive game
\tUse slide bar accelerator to move forward and backward
\tChange camera to enjoy different views
\tUse slide bar to slow down bus around turns and at stops
\tAmazing animations to pick up and drop the citizens
\tRealistic HD graphics, Smooth bus controls gameplay experience
\tRealistic city locations and public bus terminals

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