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Mix FM Radio KSA Station

Mix FM Radio KSA is a cool, upbeat, exciting and interactive radio Channel, Targeting the pulse of Saudi Arabian and Arabs living in Saudi Arabia.

Mix FM Radio KSA Focusing on youth in particularly wavering between 15 to 35 Years old. Mix FM Radio KSA Plays the best of Arabic and international music with a mix of interesting talks, competitions and engaging content.

Mix FM Radio KSA station is very much tuned to by the locals who lead an eventful life and becoming young parents as well. Consistently leading audience ratings, Mix FM Radio KSA is the voice at the forefront of youth culture, in Saudi Arabia.

Mix FM Radio KSA Audience:

As individual as a fingerprint. Go getters that have a zest for life.
They never want to miss out.
They want to see the world but love home.
Energetic, progressive, independently minded.
Into football, being social, fashion, gadgets, traveling.

Mix FM Radio KSA enjoys high listenership amongst youth targets age between 15 to 35 with the below profile :

Lead a busy life
Very keen about fashion and lifestyle
Like to try out new things
Yet very much in tune with their culture

Mix FM Radio KSA has revolutionized the way broadcast is done and has gained the reputation of being the most listened Radio channel in the country.

Mix FM Radio KSA has gained immense popularity within a short span of time, it has played a Vital role about a change in their entertainment pattern especially for youth.

Mix FM Radio KSA believe that it is the most connected, entertaining and informative media broadcaster in Saudi Arabia. Playing the music and featuring the topics that appeal to our youthful listeners.

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