OME: Personalised Nutrition and Health Plans

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OME Health app will lead to healthier you by harnessing your individual biology and environment.

If you purchase the optional biological testing it will help you understand your OME Health microbiome, blood or DNA test results and provide an evidence-based programme covering key changes you need to make to achieve your nutrition goals, whether it is to lose weight, improve your heart health, be more energetic, or eat healthy to improve fitness.

Heres what you will find in the app:

A 12-week action plan based on your health test results, dietary goals and lifestyle data

A personalised weekly meal plan filled with delicious and easy to prepare recipes

A dedicated health coach to answer your questions and make sure you stay on track

Analysis of your test results, explaining each marker and providing scientific evidence.


We believe that lasting change is based on small improvements you make on a daily basis. To help you achieve this, well analyse your health test results, lifestyle questionnaire answers, and any other information we may have to identify most impactful changes you can make. Over the course of 12 weeks, we will provide you with actionable weekly goals that will help you gradually build up the right habits to achieve and maintain results.


Shortly following the arrival of your test results you will start receiving a weekly meal plan to help you put your program goals into practice. Well pick the recipes that not only meet your unique nutrition needs but are also delicious and easy to make. To remove the stress from weekly meal planning, weve made the recipes shoppable - add ingredients to your preferred retailers online shopping basket with one click.


Change can be difficult, and you might have a lot of questions, hesitations, or worries. To help with that, your health coach will be reachable at a tap of a button via live chat. They will give you helpful pointers and reminders, and answer any questions you might have - ask them about your test results, your program or whether the meals you had yesterday are good or bad for you.


Based on the tests you order, we can provide you with the results for each marker, explaining what exactly is measured, how your results compare to the average, and what that means to you, as well as giving any supporting evidence.

Download OME Health to start your journey towards healthier you.

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