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CleverGo Kiosk is designed for employees time attendance, Contractor and Visitor registration including health and safety process where visitor/contractor needs to go through and sign to agree with all health and safety policies.

It is usually a fixed point kiosk at the entry of the site, SMS , email notification will be sent to the selected company staff when a visitor did the registration.

Company administrator can also use CleverTime to view all on-site status and list, sending SMS notifications to all on-site visitors/Contractors, this is very helpful during an event such as fire evacuation

This app could also be used as a time clock for all employee to clock in and out from a single share tablet device.

Job costing is also available for the user to clock against different jobs and tasks.
For user who is location sensitive or doing costing based on site or department, they can also clock against different departments.

We have also added in the latest 2D facial recognition technology that can be used in any of the tablets that come with either front or rear camera.

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