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What could be better than your little kitty curling up in your lap while you relax? Or hearing their sweet purr when you pet them? There are many reasons why cats are so well-loved as domesticated pets! Cats vary in temperament and personality just like humans. While some cats are highly independent and picky about who they interact with, many cats are sweet, playful companions. These intelligent animals love to play with toys and sometimes even other pets, and typically develop a close bond with their human companions, even becoming sensitive to human emotions. Cats are usually curious animals and love to explore!

This app features stunning photographs of cats; from cute, cuddly kittens to strong, sleek adult cats! The images highlight different breeds of cats which have unique fur colors and patterns, from tabby to tortoiseshell to Siamese. You'll find close-ups of cats that show their unique and beautiful eyes, whiskers and coat, as well as many gorgeous shots of cats relaxing in nature, perhaps lounging in the sunshine or keeping watch from the perfect tree branch perch.

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