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Carbonara App is a free digital waitlist and restaurant reservation system that allows you to seamlessly handle both walk-in customers and guests who have reserved tables.\t\t\t

Created simultaneously for restaurants, cafs, and bars, our app offers an approachable set of features:
- a digital waitlist to manage virtual queues;
- an online booking service to schedule reservations, and
- most recently, an innovative pre-ordering system to allow customers to buy beverages or order food before being seated.

All of Carbonara Apps features are completely free and come at zero cost whatsoever.

Send free SMS messages and text guests in the virtual queue to inform them when their table is ready. Fill your tables with walk-in host strategies such as two-way communication features to manage your tables in real time.

If youre a reservation-based restaurant, guests use the app to make online bookings. Customers reserve tables from anywhere on the web, either via your website or social media platform.

Smoothly schedule your operating hours, and apply table management features to select free tables and seat guests.

Carbonara Apps new drink pre-ordering feature lets customers buy alcoholic beverages before they arrive. Customers click on a link to purchase, then your restaurant receives the full amount, no deduction fees included. Increase your restaurants revenue with this free feature.

It's as simple as ABC: Guests waiting at your door don't want to feel like anyone is wasting their time.

So we developed a free app to see hospitality businesses prosper.

Give guests what they want a smart platform to enhance their dining out experience and enjoy their meals with zero hassle.

Be the ideal host: let Carbonara App help you fork up a first-class hospitality experience today!

- NEW! Enhance the customer experience with drink pre-ordering. Let customers pre-order and pay for drinks before they even step through your door.
- Provide customers with accurate wait quotes and timers using the app's notification features.
- Send customers text reminders and ensure they arrive on time. SMS messages cost nothing, as Carbonara App absorbs all tariff charges.
- Bring your whole team on board with multi-device sync. Now everyone views the waitlist and reservation management screen at any time.
- Change of plan? Receive messages from customers via Carbonara App's two-way communication features, reducing your restaurant's risk of no-shows.
- Communicate with international customers from across the globe with multi-language support.
- Use the table management screen and swiftly assign customers their seats, attending to party size and guest preference.
- Engage with free restaurant analytics: receive statistical emails that provide key insights on how your business is performing.
Luke Panza, the CEO, has 20+ years of experience in restaurant industry, serving 5000+ restaurants all over the world. He cofounded NoWait, another waiting list system, and now building Carbonara App with a big belief that "In 8-10 years from today, restaurants will no longer be paying for: waitlists, reservation software, websites, staffing software, etc. The future world will change and eventually this software will all be free.

Dont hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or feedback at info@carbonaraapp.com. We love to hear from our customers so that we can improve our platform and continue to make great products for restauranteurs. And remember: You can always check out our website for more information: www.carbonaraapp.com.

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