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Color_Breaker: Prevent the ball from falling and bounce it to burst as many bricks as you can. Score reward would be increased by 1 if you burst the bricks continuously. Try to Burst Spiked Black Obstacles first as if it is collided with the Player Board, you'll loose a life. You have 3 lives at the beginning. Ball cannot Burst black obstacles, rather it would bounce. Keep bursting bricks and dodging from the Obstacles and increase the score. This game is endless, check how longer you survive in Color Breaker

Features in Color_Breaker:

"Slow" PowerUp: Makes the ball to slow down.
"Bullets" PowerUp: You can shoot bullets to burst the bricks.
"Ghost Balls" PowerUp: Three extra ghost balls for some time to burst more bricks.
"Large" PowerUP: Makes the player board a bit longer for some time.

How to play Color_Breaker:

Slide to control the Player
Tap to shoot (only when Bullets PowerUp is on)

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