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Basic guide for New and Existing users of MYOB Accounting software.

Basic Guide for MYOB Accounting Software is an application that contains useful information about bookkeeping and accounting systems, specifically MYOB accounting software.
The Basic Guide for MYOB Accounting Software is prepared by a team of consultants who are accountnats by training, and who has been involved in supporting and implementing the myob accounting software for the past 20 years, and still counting.
Whether you are evaluating the software for the first time, or is an existing user of the myob accounting software, you will find this Basic Guide for MYOB Accounting Software very useful.

Heres what you can get from this application, amongst others.
1.\tWhat is myob accounting software
2.\tFeatures in the software that will benefit your business
3.\tMYOB Tips and Tricks
4.\tAvenue to get answers for your burning questions
5.\tFree software download

What is MYOB accounting software
MYOB Accounting software is one of the most popular accounting software in the world. It is easy to use, user friendly and is suitable for small to medium sized companies.
MYOB stands for mind your own business. MOB accounting software is designed as an accounting information system for non- accounting personnel, much so like accounting for dummies.
Accounting made easy
MYOB Accounting software simplifies the accounting process for its users. It does all the debits and credits for you from the daily transactions that you enter. In other words, you do your normal stuff, but do so within the MYOB program.
You use MYOB Accounting software just like you would with the spreadsheet and word processing programs. The added advantage is that this tool not only records, it also summarise and analyse your business transactions and data.

There are 4 main tasks you perform on a daily basis:
1.\tcreate and print delivery orders and invoice
2.\tcreate and print purchase order to order services or stocks for your business
3.\trecord payment received from your customer, & print official receipts
4.\trecord payments made to your supplier and employees, including printing cheques and payment vouchers

You do all the above 4 tasks in MYOB software. As soon as you hit the 'Record' button, you can go ahead and print the accounts. In order words, you don't have to be an accountant to run MYOB.
The MYOB software will produce the final accounts, with no extra effort required. As far as your daily business is concerned, you have gotten a fairly usable set of accounts for making daily business decisions. Imagine the savings in time from not having to re-enter the same information many times over.
If you are not trained to read the final accounts, you will need to get your qualified accountant to review, and make yearly adjustments for compliance to accounting standards and tax requirements,
Most of our users end up as 'accountants by chance'.

You will need an integrated program to track your income and expenses, to issue invoices and to record payments.
Ac accounting system will help you find answers like :
\thow your business perform - did it give you a profit for the month, quarter, year ?
\tdo I have enough cash to pay the suppliers and employees
\thow much and how long your customers owe you
\thow much and how long you owe your suppliers
\thow much profit / or loss I made for all my projects
\thow much profit did I make on each product I sold
\twhich customers give me the most sales
\twhere are my customers coming from - which marketing style works
\twhat are the total expenses incurred by my salesperson - toll, parking, petrol, entertainment, per month, quarter, yearly?
\tWhat are my GST liabilities
\tWhat are the Sales Tax liabilities

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