Diamond sutra

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What is Diamond sutra?

In Mahayana Buddhism, the three sutras, Lotus sutra, Flower Garland sutra, Diamond sutra, have been considered as most important Sutras. Among these, Diamond sutra is the sutra that describes the Emptiness most well.

Diamond Sutra is the conversation between Sakyamuni Buddha and his disciple, Subhuti. The First most important question of Subhuti is this : the people who wish enlightenment, how should their minds dwell? How should they pacify their minds?

Sakyamuni Buddha said that bodhisattva should discard the idea of "I". The idea of "I", the idea of "others", the idea of "creatures", the idea of "life", all of these ideas should be discarded. If there is a idea of "I", we can not make our minds surrender.

If there is no "I", there is no "others". Therefore Buddha has no thought of saving, though he is still saving all creatures. Because Buddha knows that creatures is not the creatures, but it's name is creatures. Like this, Buddha emphasize that give offerings without thinking of giving.

Because this sutra emphasizes the elimination of every idea of apearance, some people fall into nihilism. But this sutra also tells that though there is no appearance in Dharmakya(Truth body), Nirmakya(created body) do have the physical eye, and Sambhogakya(reward/enjoyment body) do have the 32 marks. Every appearance is not a real appearance, but there is also no disappearance and elimination. So This is the most profound and difficult enlightenment teaching that we can not have, unless our wisdom grows.

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