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The BRYTE Bed provides a truly personalized sleep experience. Using artificial intelligence, AIDEN manages bed temperature, real-time high-resolution body support, room lighting, and room temperature. AIDEN will personalize, analyze and improve your sleep experience night after night.

Features include:
Configure your bed for one or two sleepers
- Select your side of the bed, or combine both sides into one unified experience.

Set your sleep preferences
- Let AIDEN know your preferred bed and wake time, temperature and lighting, room temperature settings and wake routine. You will also be able to select the form of your bed's dynamic surface as well as the support level.

Nightly bed and room preparation
- Your bed is always just the right temperature when you get in. Your room lighting and temperature are prepared to help you fall asleep faster. This not only creates a comfortable environment but also aids in falling asleep more quickly.

- Enjoy a gentle soothing motion to help lull you to sleep.

Overnight sleep management
- AIDEN manages your bed temperature and real-time adaptive body support while you sleep to optimize and improve your sleep quality.

Waking naturally
- BRYTE Wake Assist simulates the sunrise to naturally awaken you using temperature and light.

Improve every night
- AIDEN will adjust your sleep experience based on these settings and ask for feedback until your experience is just right.
-AIDEN will continue to customize your sleep experience and learn your sleep patterns to adapt through the night to keep you snoozing.
- During the day while youre busy living your life, AIDEN will be analyzing your anonymous sleep data and preparing an improved sleep management algorithm for your next night, with the sole purpose of optimizing your sleep night after night. Its an experience that gets better and better over time.

Sleep Service

Basic (free)
-Nightly bed preparation
-Sets lighting to induce faster sleep onset
-Prepares bed temperature to warm or cool based on your personal preference
-Provides BRYTE Lull option to help you fall asleep quickly
-Adjustments while asleep
-Active coils adjust as you move to reduce pressure points
-Adjusts support level and signature across 8 zones for ultimate comfort
-Keeps you at the perfect temperature to facilitate better sleep quality and comfort.
-Morning wake assist
-Fade in lighting in the morning at the right light temperature and brightness
-Can turn on BRYTE Lull at wake time
-Warms bed at wake time for you to enter into a lighter sleep stage so you are more refreshed

Premium ($15 / month subscription)
Your personal sleep expert will provide the following catered to each person's needs.
-Manages your entire sleep experience and learns & improves each night
-Learns your preferences for bed temperature, support, lighting, and home temperature
-Provides personal sleep trends, expert sleep advice, and insights
-Tracks sleep, environment, and preferences to analyze and apply improvements
-Applies dynamic sleep improvements
-AIDEN will make nightly, incremental adjustments to improve sleep

New product feature updates and automatic software updates will be seamlessly available to continually improve your sleep experience over time.

We promise to make privacy a top priority for each and every customer, so you can rest easy. All of your data remains completely anonymous.

BRYTE BED is the worlds most intelligent sleep platform because we believe better days begin with better nights.

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