Botlink Capture for Drones

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Supports Android 5+

Capture the world with your DJI drone using the worlds most capable UAV control software. The free Botlink app features intuitive mission planning, automated flight, and automated image/data capture. Fewer buttons to push, a more intuitive process, and the most user-friendly experience means youll spend less time learning complex systems and more time getting work done. The Botlink app is designed to work seamlessly on a phone or tablet with no sacrifice of features, information, or usability.

Currently compatible with the latest DJI drones:
- Phantom 3 Pro
- Phantom 4
- Phantom 4 Pro
- Inspire 1 V2
- Inspire 1 Pro
- DJI Spark
- Mavic Pro
- Mavic Air
- Mavic 2 Pro

Features & Benefits:
- Simple flight planning that enables you to track sites over time
- Location aware flight plans
- Drag-and-drop waypoints
- Altitude settings
- Save multiple drone profiles to quickly select the right drone profile for the job
- Takeoff, landing, and everything in-between is 100% automated
- Ability to land, swap batteries, and resume without losing flight progress
- Safety controls
- 3D modeling and map creation
- Track flight progress and monitor your drone from the ground
- Fully automated cameras, sensors, and live video
- Automatically capture still photos or stream live video
- In-app support

Post-flight processing & analysis using Botlink:
- Upload drone imagery to our cloud-based software to automatically stitch aerial imagery and sensor data into high-resolution orthomosaic images
- Examine valuable maps such as orthomosaic, vegetation index, terrain maps, and 3D models
- Measure distance, area, and volume right from your computer or tablet
- Collaborate and share maps, annotations, and messages with colleagues
- Export data in the format you prefer and connect to industry software to streamline your workflow
- 14-day free trial of Botlink Professional at https://app.botlink.com/signup

The FAA requires that operators of unmanned aircraft follow specific aircraft registration and flight regulations. Please familiarize yourself with these rules and always operate your drone safely and responsibility. For more information on regulations in the United States, visit: https://www.faa.gov/uas/
Please note that safety features other than automated aircraft control and basic map functions may be limited outside of the United States.

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