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Designed to improve the life of Type 1 diabetics who are insulin dependent and inject up to 4 times over the course of a day.
If you are lucky enough to be using an insulin pump, then stop reading now as this is application really isn't designed for you.

Diabetic eDiary will let you record, monitor and display blood glucose and insulin levels, and to replace the traditional hand-written Diary method used by diabetics, usually given to them by their clinic/consultant.

This application can be used by insulin dependent (Type 1) diabetics who are on either mmol/L or the mg/dl (UK) scale as it is not unit specific.

Main functionality includes, Blood Glucose entry 4 times daily (user reminders) and 4 insulin injections daily (user reminders), food entry (in Carbohydrate grams value) as well as any exercise logged during the day.

I myself am a Type 1 insulin dependent diabetic, diagnosed only 3 years ago. I'm also a Software Engineer, After about 6 months of using the paper based Diabetic eDiary given to me by the hospital, I decided I could do something much better. Like most people nowadays, I carry my mobile/cell phone with me everywhere, and I got pretty fed up carrying the diary and a pen every day!

The Diary component, (arguably the most important part) closely represents the traditional hand-written diary and can be transferred to your PC or emailed to your diabetic consultant with a couple of touches. Also within the diary you can add notes against readings if you want and a useful feature I added is that readings will flash heart icons if you have undertaken any exercise (walking/sport) within the previous 4 hours.

The eDiary also allows you to record main meals (it terms of carbohydrates), and importantly, allows easy and quick recording of exercise/walking events.

Although my primary goal was to have something that replaced the paper based Diabetic eDiary, for me to keep using it over the longer term it needed to be fast, slick, simple to use and not something that would take over my life.

I also wanted some nice graphing/pie chart displays as well as having the ability to back up my data, move it to another phone if need be, or even email my Diabetic nurse/consultant with the Diabetic eDiary (or my full results) when I visited the clinic.

I've been used this app for about two years now, accumulating a lot of data and adding functionality and fixing bugs as I've gone along. The amount of time required to input a blood glucose measurement, related insulin injection and food value is minimal. This has been a primary reason why I have kept using it regularly and missed very few entries in my eDiary over the entire two year period.

To still be using this application after more than 2 years is a real success for me, as it's always very easy to become complacent and stop recording measurements when it takes too much time or effort.

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