Media Information

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Run this app named Media Information or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

This app parse the multimedia files and show details of each stream in it , including duration, codec, video/audio size , frame count, tags etc.
You can also view the bit-rate graph of specific media file(Except images).
This information can be exported in different formats(csv, json, ini, xml) and can be shared with others.
You can also apply different filters on selected media and can select from different available apps in your phone to select the file for analysis.


As soon as you start the app it show you list of media files to select from , you can select the file for analysis or long click to view options that can be applied to this file (Rename, Delete, Share e.t.c.)
You can also change file types(image/video/audio) to be shown from drop down.
After selection you are taken to result screen, this screen contains overflow menu at top right corner that you can use to export/share the results.
To view the the graph use the 'Bit-rate Graph' button in 'Audio' or 'Video' tab
All exports are saved in

'Media Information'

folder in SD card root directory.

If you found some information missing then please export the results and look there as I am not showing every information available(attachments), also you may need to scroll the text field if information does not fit in one line.

Basic information are shown instantly but the other that require extra calculations may take some time while you see progress bar above these fields as they are calculating.


Why graph generation takes some time

This depends on size of file you are analyzing as every frame in media file needs to be scanned properly to generate graph.

How to know if media file is CBR or VBR encoded

You can always generate the graph and if this is uniformly distributed then media file is CBR else VBR encoded.

Run or download Media Information using our android online emulator from ApkOnline.net