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Welcome in Cosmetique Organique! This is the world of natural cosmetics and beauty tips. Here, you can find recipes for homemade products that will help you achieve flawless and beauty without any side effect. You can find here natural beauty remedies and beauty tips for all kinds of skin and hair conditions. Each recipe is easy to follow and you can learn more about ingredients that are used.

Have you ever thought about natural skin care and organic makeup? Have you feel like homemade soap will be something for you? Are you dreaming of the lush hair once for a while? You should not hesitate and check out these homemade cosmetics today!

Think about it: store cosmetics are expensive, contain harmful preservatives, usually don't work good enough and what have they on the first place in the ingredients? Water!! Stop doing that to yourself! You deserve natural beauty without the side effects! Start creating your own organic skin care products since today. You will see the difference and your body will thank you.

Homemade beauty products are often more effective than bought ones and are always healthier. They are cheaper than bought cosmetics with the greater amounts of active ingredients. And you know exactely the ingredient list: it's simple and free from chemicals and preservatives.

Cosmetique Organique shows how to use natural ingredients in your beauty rituals. They explain how to improve the health and beauty of your hair, face, and body without the harm. If you'd like to improve your beauty, you will find lots of helpful beauty tips. They are always with you on your mobile, so you can check them wherever you are.

In Cosmetique Organique, you will find not only recipes, but also beauty tips about how to use these organic cosmetics. You will find out how to look beautiful naturally with only all natural beauty products.

Natural skin care is important. Good makeup is not enough when it comes to natural beauty. You can wear eyeshadow and lip gloss, but your skin deserves natural makeup remover, organic clenser and homemade mask! It will make you glow.

If you feel like your hair is not lush enough, check out the beauty tips for hair modelling. If you'd like longer hair - many essential oils promote hair growth. If you're going to buy the hair bleach - there is natural and cheap alternative.

Do not forget about your body needs. Remember about moisturizing and exfoliating to have the young looking and hydrated skin. The properties of shea butter, sweet almond oil and many essential oils will make your skin flawless and naturally beautiful. Homemade shower gel and natural deodorant? Not a problem at all!

The homemade cosmetics show us how to get out the best of what Mother Nature gave us. Nothing more to say. Check out Cosmetique Organique today, as it may change your life!

In Cosmetique Organique you can find the variety of recipes for natural cosmetics for your hair, face, and body. There are subcategories for you to find the recipe easily, like hair masks, face scrubs, body lotions.

Recipes for cosmetics include:
* face creams, masks, and tonics
* hair masks and shampoos
* body butters and lotions, shower gels
* scrubs for face, lips, body, and feet
All the recipes are using natural ingredients.

Main app features are:
* recipes are categorized into hair, face and body categories and there is a number of subcategories
* the number of likes is shown for each cosmetic. You can sort them from the most popular or from newest
* if you'd like, the app notifies you when new recipes are added
* you can create your own user account
* you can access the list of the cosmetics you liked (favorites)
* when you are ready, you can engage more and add your own recipe for organic cosmetic and watch it becoming popular

Do not hesitate and check the Cosmetique Organique for yourself!

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