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Customer Feedback App helps you collect feedback and survey on Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets. Simple and customizable surveys to get customer feedback in a digital form, which also let you collect their personal information, which can be used for Targeted SMS Campaigns.
It is an Offline digital Feedback App by Bingage

Feedbacky Boost your Customer Engagement
Customer-Centric companies earn 60% more profit than those not focused on the customer. This shows that the time you put the customer at the center of your business, you cleared one step to success. And this is exactly why businesses are looking to customer feedback tools as a foundation for this success.

How Feedbacky Works:
1. Log in to Bingage CRM
2. Go to Feedback Setting
3. Set Feedback App colour theme, questions.
4. Set Welcome & thank you message whatever you want to show.
5. This is an offline Feedback system, it can work without internet.
(First Log in Bingage CRM then you can freely access the app offline)

Congratulation!! Now you are all set to use Feedbacky.

Features of Feedbacky
1. Collect Customer Database
It collects, stores and analyzes the customer feedback which goes directly stored in Bingage CRM. It supports in making fundamental marketing decisions based on the survey.

2. Modernized Feedback System
This is the best Feedback app replacing the traditional way of collecting feedback manually on pen and paper. An offline digital feedback system for restaurants, retails and Small businesses.

3. Get Real-Time feedback
It gives insight into real-time analytics of your customers feedback which let you plan improvements for the future.

4. SMS Marketing
Market about your product or service by sending automated personalised SMS and Emails to your customers about any new updates, events, offers and many more. SMS campaigns also assist in increasing customer retention.

5. Analysis of staff Performance
Feedback will help you to track the performance of your employees on the basis of the rating given by the customer, also it helps to improve the efficiency of your employees by planning training module for them.

Feedback is important but analysing those feedback on real-time is very crucial. Feedbacky- Customer feedback app will help you to understand customer's preferences real-time.

Bingage is a CRM for Restaurants, retails & salon helping business to retain their customers and increase their revenue with the features like a loyalty program, SMS marketing, feedback system and referral program. One can create their personal Wallet with Bingage Cashback Wallet System.

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