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Our personal touch guarantee

We will design and build a fully customized program just for you. Using the most up to date training principles and techniques that have been proven to bring results and success, your program will gradually and progressively guide you towards your fitness, health, or performance goals. We will work around any scheduled tune-up races, as well as any scheduled vacations, holidays, school, work, travel, etc., a fully personalized training plan. You will train on your level and avoid the pitfalls that come with following a generic program. You will become a better version of you, period. Regular interaction is critical to ensure that we can modify scheduled training sessions based on individual progress, health issues and so on.

Training programs are tailored to your specific environment, history, goals and designed to address your strengths and weaknesses. All clients will receive their training schedules and are encouraged to communicate regularly with us regarding their progress. We are looking to build a strong relationship to insure measurable results.

The two most difficult steps to fitness are getting started and staying committed. Our programs are built on motivation and fun! We want to help you be an inspiration to yourself, your friends and your family. Endurance training is much more than jogging just as weight training is much more than lifting weights. Once our clients experience a level of fitness; setting new goals is the next step. These goals can only be achieved through specific training programs. We offer an individual training schedule to help you attain your goals.

We help men and women in their 40s and 50s who used to play sports at a high level but let themselves go and want to feel good about themselves again. We help hardworking mothers with limited time who want to get back into shape. We help high school and collegiate athletes who aspire to make the national team and play professionally. Whether you're a gym regular or want to get active for the first time, as professionals who are dedicated in helping you reach your goals, we will provide that personal touch.

What you get with us:
Consultation - the initial one is always free
Free seasonal programs for you to experience and follow
Feeling amazing and an improved confidence
Access to our system (including the phone app)
Help with setting realistic goals
Fully personalized program with image and/or video demonstration
Weekly strategy sessions
Custom daily training schedule for you to reach your goals
Adjustments as needed for life changes
A direct line to us at a time that is convenient to you
SUCCESS and much much more!

Are you ready to look better and feel better?
What do you say?
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Start your connection today,
The MH Connection Team,
Majid Hodzic, MS, CSCS

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