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Coleoptera or beetles detachment of insects whose members are characterized by a modification of the front fenders in solid highly sclerotized or leathery elytra devoid of veining preserving webbed rear wings which serve to flight and at rest folded under elytra. For typical representatives of the order gnawing and chewing mouthparts developed front part of the chest the movable articulation prosternum with its middle part. The shape and dimensions of the body are very diverse from 0.3-1.0 mm to 171 mm.

The development of a complete metamorphosis there are stages of egg larva pupa and imago. Larvae with well-developed chitinized head and biting mouthparts mainly wormlike or kampodeevidnye in most species with jointed thoracic limbs without abdominal legs. Pupae preferably free usually soft fixed unpainted.

The head consists of a head capsule and appendages mouthparts and antennae. Depending on the position of the head beetles it can be prognathic when the mouth parts are directed forward gipognaticheskoy when the mouth parts are directed downwards and opistognaticheskoy. The representatives of certain families head is elongated in rostrum on top of which is mouthparts.

The head is covered whole capsule. Its back portion is generally included in prothorax. Sometimes it comes in so deep that the top is almost imperceptible sometimes on the contrary freely attached to prosternum. On the upper side of the head there are several little separated parts neck back of the head temples crown forehead and the casing. Moderately flattened head capsule dorsoventrally and usually partly retracted into prothoracic scleritis. A feature is a significant lengthening beetles lower surface of the head capsule mouthparts.

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