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For the busy Doctor
Documenting patientcare info conveniently
and Viewing patientcare info when needed
become easy with the twin benefits from
BeeHealthee Software suite &
BeeHealthee DocApp.

Ease of Quick uploading and retrieving with the Mobile App
can be combined with
Detailed management of Patient-care on the computer screen

The objectives:
Patient Management, Easy Documentation, and Tracking Patient-care;
The overall Goals:
Efficiency in Patient Care & Safe Documentation

Step-wise Adoption of BeeHealthee can be done.
Step 1.
Easy documentation through pictures.
On the mobile App, just take pictures of the Clinical status, Clinical Notes, Investigation reports, Prescriptions, or Appointments. These pictures get stored with the patients name, mobile number and time when recorded. Now these pictorial data can be easily located and viewed as such whenever needed; and can also at any convenient time be converted to textual or digital record which has many additional benefits.

Step 2:
Complete Documentation of patient care
This can be done using both the mobile and the computer as convenient.
The doctors can conveniently document and view,
Clinical notes, All Investigation reports, Prescriptions and Appointments.
Very IMPORTANTLY, when in hurry all these details can be entered as pictures with just a click on the mobile.

Step 3:
In step 3, the patient also, gets connected through the Beehealthee App.
Now prescriptions by the doctor get transferred on to the patients mobile DIRECTLY, in an actionable format, which is easy for the patient to implement.
Info from the patient's other medical consultants can get shared with the treating doctor, enabling CO-ORDINATED PATIENTCARE even when the different doctors are not in the same place


Clinical Notes:
The doctor can record clinical notes as desired; but IMPORTANTLY the doctor can ALSO document CONFIDENTIAL CLINICAL NOTES which would be available only to him for reference.
There is also a section for Special advice (Documented), which is especially important for the doctor, who can now have clearly documented and conveyed to the patient, all special advice that has been given to the patient, including important advice regarding prognosis, likely out-comes etc., thereby preventing incorrect recollections at later stages.

The Doctors prescriptions can be entered in detail. (These prescriptions may be for treating Ailments or achieving positive healthcare targets or monitoring healthcare).
The detailed prescriptions get converted into time-wise and date-wise daily schedule. These together get directly transferred to the patients BeeHealthee App, (or can be printed and given).
Alerts can also be given on the patients mobile.

Reports & Status:
Reports of all Investigations or of Consultations, or of Current health status can get uploaded and conveniently viewed on BeeHealthee. MORE IMPORTANTLY abnormal reports for last three months are prominently available up-front. HISTORICAL REPORTS can be viewed together and comparisons made.
Reports from other consultations can also be viewed once patient is connected on the BeeHealthee App. This avoids unnecessary repetitions of Investigations.

Appointments made on the app get integrated with automated APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING and APPOINTMENT ALERTS on the Beehealthee app with the patient .

Completed prescriptions, schedules, compliance, reports and feedback, all get archived and can be reviewed or downloaded by the doctor at any time.

For patients connected through the BeeHealthee app, the consultant doctor can also monitor compliance by the patient with whatever management schedule that the patient has been prescribed.

Target Achievement:
Targets for curing ailments or for securing fitness can be set with BeeHealthee. The success in achieving these targets can then be regularly reviewed.

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