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Bedroom is one of the most private and intimate place in your home, many things you should consider to make your bedroom feel comfortable and pleasant. Like other rooms, arranging the bedroom can not be separated from the selection and arrangement of furniture. Furniture in the bedroom should pay attention to several things; function, personality, and your personal style.

When you are going to buy or make furniture for the bedroom, you should consider the aesthetic and comfort factor. Furniture should be quite interesting if it is in the bedroom, comfortable to use and accommodate various functions. Each bedroom set usually consists of; bedding, dresser, dresser, cabinet and various shelves.

If you will buy furniture for your bedroom (bedroom sets) you should choose with the best design and material. If you are going to make it, find the best material and make a plan or design bagaiaman shape of the furniture is later.From terms of strength or durability, solid wood is obviously much stronger than plywood let alone wood press. You do not have to worry your furniture is made from solid wood to be porous just because of exposed to water or air that is too humid. Solid wood is also more resistant to termite attack, although there are certain methods that can make plywood (plywood) is not attacked by termites.
Here are three important items that should not be there if you want to have a comfortable bedroom decoration and in accordance with its function:
1) Bed
A bedroom is not possible without a bed. A bed is an important part of this room and you want a comfortable bed so you can sleep soundly at night and refreshed every morning.
First choose an interior design that suits your style and your home - whether it's a minimalist, classic or contemporary design and you need to choose a soft mattress that supports your body size. Then once everything is met, protect your body of quality quilts and additional comfortable carpets as your floor-bed upholstery.
2) Wardrobe / Wardrobe
Wadrobe Design is no less important than Bed. Wardrobe serves to keep your clothes. The design can be made in rhythm with the bed. The function of the space division can be adjusted to the needs and the number of your clothes. If you prefer to fold your clothes and have no problem with the crease without having to iron anymore, then you need to provide more folding clothes than hanging clothes.
If you want to maximize the space by making your wardrobe up to the ceiling, the upstairs wardrobe is hard to reach, you can use as a place of goods that you rarely use every day, such as luggage, bed cover or spare pillow.
3) Dressing Table
Furniture this one is more dominated by women. A variety of make-up equipment, perfume, beauty accessories are occupants every corner of the dressing table. The dressing table is usually equipped with mirrors, drawers and a sitting pad. The shape can be made in accordance with the feel of interior room design.
Having a beautiful bedroom with furniture and interior bedroom is designed so beautifully it gives its own satisfaction, but, even so, what happens if the room is less comfortable and tend to heat ?? Here are some tips to make your bedroom more comfortable and cool, what are the tips ?? Here's the information:
Air Circulation ,, One of the problems of sleeping space was less cool and uncomfortable is because the air circulation in the room is not good, it is better if the room has a window or vent, which becomes the path of air change. That way, the air inside the room can keep changing with the newer air. If the bedroom already has a window or air vent, open the window in the morning, so the room can get fresh air.
It's good if the room is not too filled with other goods or accessories, make a cabinet or cabinet that can put the accessories, so that the room will feel wider, and not cramped.

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