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With several basement design ideas to choose from, you can turn a wasted and abandoned basement into something exciting and useful place in the house. A basement design doesn't have to be costly and difficult. All you need is careful planning and a little creativity. Here are some ideas that you can use in remodeling that useless basement.

Design Options For Your Basement

You can turn your basement into a home office. With the number of Internet-based jobs growing these days, people are increasingly finding it more convenient and cost-efficient to have an office in the house. The basement is a perfect place for this because it is quiet downstairs. A table, some chairs a computer with Internet connection, a telephone line and some cabinets are basically the things that you need.

You can also choose to make a home theater out of your basement. This basement design is among the most popular these days, considering the availability of reasonably priced LCD flat screens available in the market now. A spacious movie/TV room complete with large speakers and cozy chairs will be a wonderful experience for the entire family and friends.

You may decide to make your home theater basement to double as arcade room. Just place a pool or ping pong table and some game machines in one corner away from the LCD screen. This works best in spacious basement.

Work Those Fats Out

If you and your family go to the gym, a basement workout room may be your best option. Tread mills, weights and other gym equipments and machines are becoming more available at cheaper prices these days. But while you can create your own gym at the basement, continue hiring the services of fitness experts in monitoring your workout progress.

If parties and other social gatherings are a common event in the house, the basement can be converted into a bar, or an entertainment room, especially if there's not enough room upstairs. Parties can be held in the basement even late at night without ever disturbing the rest of the house. You can convert a corner into a mini-kitchen to confine all party activities in the basement.

Spare Room For The Guest

For small houses, basement can be made into a guest bedroom. A guest bedroom in the basement can free up the rooms upstairs for exclusive family use. But as a matter of course you have to construct a toilet and bath in the basement if you want to convert into a guest bedroom.

In any of these designs, all the basic elements in basement construction should still be applied. Of prime consideration are ventilation, heating and cooling features, drainage, sewage and lighting.

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