Cut the fruit

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Cut the fruit is a 2D mobile mini arcade game for kids and adults !

How to play:
-Tap on your mobile's screen to unleash and throw the knife/blade, whenever the knife slices and cuts the delicious fruit you gain a point.
-Don't hit the adorable cute birds, or you'll lose ! We don't harm animals.
-A crow will appear from time to time to steal the fruit, try to take it before him or you lose
a point !
-The more points you get the more Mr. Squirrel will show up to cheer for you !
-The more points you collect, the harder the game gets, you better keep your reflex sharp
and fast.

Fruits: Banana, Orange, Peach, blueberry and Pear

Enjoy the game and its relaxing calm environment (background, music and the singing birds) !
Challenge your friends and show them your fast reflex skills by having the highest score on the game !

So if youre looking for some fast, juicy arcade game, this is the game for you. Play it now and get hooked on the awesomeness of Cut The Fruit !

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