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Tired of waiting in a queue for hours? AutoFila-Virtual Queue is here to help. Now you can see the status of nearby places where you can keep track of their queue and the percentage of the people inside. You can wait in line virtually from anywhere and just enter the place when it is your turn.
You can see how much time you have to wait in the queue in real-time using AutoFila. We all have experienced the tough truth of waiting in line. Imagine going to place and when you arrive you find that you have to stand in an endless line. Now you dont know how long you have to wait to be attended. You might have to stand too close to other people or wait under sun or rain. AutoFila has brought you the ultimate solution for your needs. Get in line using the app and wait in a comfortable and secure place. You dont have to stand in the queue ever again.

How to use AutoFila- Virtual Queue:

Install AutoFila-Virtual Queue and turn your location on. Choose a nearby place where you need to go and join the virtual line. The app will automatically inform you of the progress of the queue. Keep track of the estimated waiting time and get there when it is your turn. You can also see the amount of people getting in and out of the establishment. To have the best experience, make sure you turn your location on and allow push notifications. No more waiting in line; get the job done with one tap.

Key features:

Find nearby places and Join their line virtually with the help of AutoFila-Virtual Queue.
You dont have to wait in line physically. Wait in a waiting room or someplace comfortable.
Keep track of the status of your turn and wait time.
See percentage of people inside.
Receive a confirmation notification when it is your turn.
Keep track of multiple turns simultaneously in real-time using AutoFila-Virtual Queue.
Know when your turn was called and how much time you have waited.
If you are looking for reservations for restaurant apps that will allow you to stand in the queue virtually, AutoFila-Virtual Queue is the right one. You dont have to wait in front of the restaurant anymore. Make your life easier with one app using AutoFila-Virtual Queue. The wait is over, and you can take your time to enter into a shop, restaurant, or any place that has a queue. If you have multiple places to go, using this app, you can get in the queue at several places simultaneously, saving your time and preparing for the day in a better way.
Install AutoFila-Virtual Queue on your device, follow the line virtually, make your life easier, and enjoy being treated like a Rock Star.

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