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Jump off the way, discover new places from combining routes. Geo Aumentaty not only find points of interest, Geo Aumentaty helps you DISCOVER new destinations

What is Geo Aumentaty?

Geo is a tool Aumentaty RA Geolocated showing real-time information of the points of interest created by users.

The geographic augmented reality uses the physical coordinates and compass of your device to display overlays virtual items and place them in a real position.

Uses Geo Aumentaty to find new places to explore the world from the perspective of Aumentaty Community. But do not stay in spectator with Geo Aumentaty you can also comment, post your experiences, upload your content, linking points of interest and create your own routes.

Geo Aumentaty consists of two parts, a content management via WEB http: \\\\ geo.aumetaty.com and this APP with which you can access this content.

With CMS you can add POINTS OF INTEREST, associating images, videos, documents, links to websites and group. By relating the various points of interest based on criteria established ROUTES, which multiply the possibilities of exploring a place.

With this APP, can be found all associated information, comment and rate both routes and points of interest.

How APP works?
The APP for mobile devices allows you to find the routes that have created users, get the points of interest of each route, show the associated information, locate it on a map and provide direction.

List View:
Search Routes by name, or among the best rated, or the last created, or you've saved as favorites.
You can browse by scrolling up-down and deepen clicking on each element (path or point of interest) to see it in detail.

View Map:
Show in map mode all selected points, and can easily interact with the map to zoom or scroll.
Includes compass mode to improve orientation.
At any time you can check you location on the map.

View Augmented Reality:
Looking through the camera of your mobile device, are superimposed on the screen shown in the selected locations.
You can control the information that is displayed by adjusting the distance you want to explore from where you are and depending where you are focusing your mobile device.

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